301-605PC - VDO ProCockpit Fuel Gauge Ford Fuel Senders - VDO

$60.47 $48.75

VDO ProCockpit Fuel Gauge for Ford Fuel Senders, 2 5/8" (66mm), 12V

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VDO ProCockpit Fuel Gauge for Ford Fuel Senders, 2 5/8" (66mm), 12V

Features & Benefits

  • Severe duty all brass internal gauge movements or oversized copper windings for vibration resistance and increased durability
  • Corrosion resistant 2 5/8” zinc plated housing and mounting hardware
  • Anti vibration mounting isolator
  • Precision engineered 2 piece balanced pointer

On the track or on the street,  ProCockpit gauges are designed for performance and durability.  Designed with zinc plated heavy duty metal housings and mounting hardware to resist stress or heat cracks, ProCockpit gauges are up to the challenging conditions that racing environments can present.

ProCockpit mechanical gauges feature all brass internal movements, unlike many other gauges that use plastic. Electrical gauges feature oversized windings and resistors to ensure maximum reliability. 

ProCockpit gauges use precision engineered and balanced 2-piece pointer designs (compared to many stamped one-piece designs) to minimize pointer vibration and ensure maximum accuracy.