190-105 - VDO Ammeter Gauge 100 amp Style Vision Black - VDO

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VDO Ammeter Gauge, 100 amp, 2 1/16" (52mm), Style: Vision Black

VDO Ammeter Gauge, 100 amp, 2 1/16" (52mm), Style: Vision Black

Vision: VDO Vision represents a true technological advancement in instrument illumination and installation. Using fiber-optic technology, Vision instruments feature VDO's TriopticTM through-dial lighting technology for superb nighttime illumination and pointer lighting. Illumination color can be changed from white to red or green with light diffusers (included).

The mounting system provides maximum flexibility and ease of installation. No metal brackets, nuts or washers are needed. The VDO Spin-Lok 360° Mounting System uses a spin-on clamp, which holds the instrument with 360°°e rotation. Mechanical pressure and temperature gauges have metal housings with u-clamp brackets.
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